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Our Services

our services

MN advisors group provides 4 kind of services to students who want to come in Malaysia for education; our services have been set depending on the student needs as well as our many years experiences in providing services to students.

First stage services: Consultation

In this part of our services, we will help you to select the best discipline and the best university and the best city in Malaysia; consultation with us is free of charge; our consultants are at your service with many years of experience; visit our contact page to connect with our consultants and complete the consultation form and send it. They will send the response for you less than 24 hours.

Second stage services: getting offer letter

Send us the documents required for offer letter after carrying out consultations and required investigations. See the list of documents required for admission in this link. Our consulting group will be by your side in the process of admission in every university and every college that it is intended by you. As our group is the official representative of some universities and colleges, processing for admission in most universities and English Language centers are for free, more details about processing fee in this link .

Third stage services: Student visa

Once you received your offer letter on the second stage, you should apply for a student visa; our group carries out all stages of obtaining the Malaysian student visa and will be with you until the end of work; see the needed information on visa at this link. It is important to note that our services to obtain a student visa are free of charge in most colleges and universities in Malaysia.

Fourth stage services: Airport pick up and Accommodation

After arriving in Malaysia, students need to do all the items needed from the final registration in university to accommodation in a planned procedure; it was seen in abundance that students have come to Malaysia and involved problems due to the lack of consultant beside them in many stages and cases after arriving in Malaysia and incurred additional costs in this regard. If you are traveling to any foreign country for the first time, even if you are completely fluent in English, or have previously lived in another country, use the consultant who is familiar with all matters and laws of that country to carry out the tasks related to accommodation. According to the experiences and needs of students, services that our consulting group provides in this regard are as follows:

1- Reservation of accommodation or hotel fit the student budget

2- Welcome at the airport of Malaysia and transfer to the reserved hotel or accommodation

3- Providing Mobile SIM Card

4- Accompaniment of student to a valid and appropriate currency exchange facility to the currency conversion

5- Introduce the student to the desired English university or college

6- Accompaniment in carrying out the all stages of final entry in the desired university or college

7- Registration of English placement test (specific to the language colleges and students who have no language diplomas at university)

8- Accompaniment in carrying out the medical examinations if it is needed to perform in Malaysia

9- Final delivery of dormitories or rental of apartments near the university within the student’s budget

10- Accompaniment and performing the steps required to open a bank account

11- Accompaniment in paying fees to university account

12- Consultation and cooperation in proper internet shopping if requested

13- Accompaniment to carry out the needed affairs for inserting the visa sticker in passport

14- Companionship in the needed supplies of life if necessary

15- And finally, consultation and instructions necessary for living conditions, proper stores and shopping centers

If you wish to use our services, please visit our contact page and send your request; our consultants will assist you in the shortest time.

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