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student dormitory in malaysia

Student dormitory in Malaysia is one of the questions that arises for most students, almost all public and private universities and most English language colleges in Malaysia have a student dormitory for single and married students.

If you are looking to experience living with other students in Malaysia, you can use the dormitory in Malaysia, almost 70% of foreign students in Malaysia prefer to rent apartments to settle near the university, either alone or with a few others.

student dormitory in malaysia
student dormitory in malaysia

The reason for doing so is more facilities of apartment and equality of renting a room in a dormitory and a room outside the university.

For example, if in a university monthly cost of renting a room is 500 ringgit, 3 students who pay 1,500 ringgit monthly to dormitory, jointly and with the same cost the rent an apartment near the university.

Quality of student dormitories in public and private universities in Malaysia is mean, and also access to the facilities and shopping malls is a bit more difficult than renting apartments that these two cases are the reasons for the unwillingness of foreign students to rent dormitory.

Based on our many years of experience, if you want to study in Malaysia’s public and private universities, the best choice for accommodation is renting an apartment near the University, if you decide to rent a house after getting familiar with the ambience, you can rent a room in a university dormitory temporarily for early months. 

Student dormitories in language colleges have further quality and facilities than university dormitories and almost 90% of students applying to English colleges prefer to reside in dormitories on the college due to good quality of dormitories and short-term education duration.

The cost of renting married residences is often equal to the costs of renting apartments around university, therefore, we suggest the students who intend to settle in Malaysia along with their families not to use married residences and rent apartments near the university.

Important cases for the student residences in Malaysia:

  1. If you decide to rent dormitory, before entering Malaysia you should complete the form for reservation of dormitory and send it to the university, if you use the services of our group, our consultants will help you at this stage.
  2. Preferably use single rooms
  3. Due to the presence of students of different nationalities, you should not have religious and political discussions in residences
  4. Respect the rules and conditions of dormitories
  5. In case of any problem, inform the person in charge of the dormitory
  6. Do not store valuables in the dormitory

 Note: At the link of any university, you can fine the necessary information of the dormitory of any university with cost of it, For example, if you decide to continue their education at the MMU University, refer to link related to information of MMU University and see the necessary information of dormitories of this university.

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