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Before you send the consultation form or contact MN Group advisers, have the following in mind:

  1. Read all the contents of the site carefully
  2. There are 2 consultation forms in this page. Consultation form 1 for those who are going to apply for Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor, Master and PHD in Malaysian Universities and consultation form 2 is for those who are going to apply for English courses in English Language institutes, please complete the correct contact form with full details.
  3. Enter your correct email in the form, as we will send the answer to this email
  4. All responses are sent within 24 hours.
  5. Our counsellors are always on time, if you want to contact us directly by phone or email, use the following contact details, ( to have a good consultation with us better to fill up the form first and send it to us )

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We prefer to received all your details through following consultation forms, in case If consultation form is not working you can directly Email us