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Important tips after traveling to Malaysia

Important tips after traveling to Malaysia

Knowing the important tips after traveling to Malaysia from the moment of arrival to the airport of Malaysia to reach the hotel is necessary for all students, tourists and people who want to travel to Malaysia, especially those who travel to Malaysia for the first time after traveling to Malaysia. In this text, we explain the important points from the moment of getting off the plane until the moment of arriving to the hotel after traveling to Malaysia.

First step: Getting off the plane and going to the first building to get on the train

After arriving at the airport of Malaysia and getting off the plane, you should follow the designated routes through the plane’s corridor along with the other passenger to arrive into the first building. In this building, you should go to the electric train station deployed in the building and reach yourself to main building of the airport through this train.

Note: The building path where you get onto the train to the main building of the airport lasts approximately one to two minutes; the train is free for all passengers and does not need to buy tickets.

Second step: Entering the main building of airport and going to Immigration office counter

With the arrival to the main building, you should look for the immigration office signs. Immigration is written on these signs; you can see these signs in every 10 to 15 meters which there is also arrow of immigration counter on the sign. Finally, you reach to the sign that shows the immigration office counter towards the bottom floor. This means that you will go downstairs from the same floor which you have got in. And when you arrived to downstairs, you can see the immigration counters. Do not forget that you should go downstairs through the escalators and just go through the stairs which the signpost has determined.

Important tips after traveling to malaysia
Immigration office route

Third step: Checking and stamping the passport in the immigration counter

Go to the counters after passing the second step and reaching to the floor that the immigration office counter is over there. The counters are two parts; one part is related to checking the foreigners’ passport which is written Foreign Passport above it and the other part is related to checking the Malaysian’ passport that is written Malaysian Passport above it. You should go to the counters which is written Foreign Passport above them and wait in the queue of the relevant counter until comes your turn.

Immigration counter
Immigration counter

Tips at the time of checking the passport on the immigration counter in the third step:

1- In this section, you should deliver the original passport and flight card to the relevant agent for checking them.

2- The relevant agent may ask you some questions; for example, what do you have come to Malaysia, how long do you want to stay in Malaysia, where do you go after leaving the airport now and like this; completely answer in cold blood.

3- You may be asked to show your travel ticket; do not forget it to be with you.

4- Immigration office letter (VDR) that has already been taken by the university or college may be asked you, do not forget it to be with you.

5- Finally, the relevant officer delivers your passport after stamping it if there was no a problem. Do not forget that this stamp to be on your passport after delivery of passport, otherwise you will encounter with problems.

6- Laws in some colleges and universities is usually in this way that they do not stamp your passport and do not let you leave the airport in the immigration office counter so that the representative of university and college comes to counter and confirms that you want to study in the university or college. For example, the English language colleges of iMac is in this way that you should submit your passport at immigration office counter and wait the college representative to go to the counter and verify you on the basis of the evidence available.

7- You can request us on the explanations No. 6 through sending the name of your university or college; we’ll say that whether you can pass the immigration office counter or wait for the representative (It should be noted that this is only for those who come with a VDR into Malaysia).

Fourth step: Moving towards the delivery location of baggage

After passing through immigration office counter, if you go ahead a few meters, you will enter to the delivery of modular cargoes hall which the name of this part is Baggage Claim or delivery of baggage which has some gate for delivery of baggage which has been determined for each flight, and you find each gate that your flight number was written above it and go towards it. Wait until your baggage comes. Do not forget that there is a large number of wheels in this hall that you can use to carry your luggage towards the exit door.

Note: It is possible your luggage does not come for any reason at this step or your luggage to be lost until the last step; fully maintain your composure and go to the information part in this hall; they will give you a form that register your contact information and address and inform you if they find yours; of course, keep track from Iran.

Fifth step: Checking the baggage and passing through the scanning device

After delivery of baggage in the previous step, you will come to inspection part a few meters towards the exit door of the airport, that you should put your luggage the this section on the scanning device that to be checked by the relevant officer and you will deliver the luggage in the absence of problem and put on the carts and go to the Hall of arrival flights or the Arrival Hall.

Sixth step: Reaching to (Arrival Hall)

In this hall, you can go to facilities such as restaurant, currency exchange to convert currency into ringgit, Malaysia’s SIM card shopping stores, limousine counter, and guide to the highball station to Kuala Lumpur.

Important points when reaching the Arrival Hall in sixth step:

1- If you do not have ringgit, it is better to convert 100$ of your money to ringgit by visiting a currency exchange booths or bank that exist in this hall due to the low exchange rate at the airport.

2- There is a booth in this hall for the sale of SIM card (MAXIS). You can refer to this booth and get the Malaysia’s SIM card by paying 10 ringgit and presenting the original passport and ask the relevant responsible to activate the SIM card for you at that moment and charge the SIM card for you with 10 ringgit.

3- It is better to book the hotel before getting to Malaysia, and refer to the limousine counter booth after buying a SIM card and take a taxi by giving the address of hotel to the booth. Taxi fare from the Malaysia’s International airport to the city center depending on the amount of baggage which you’ll have is almost 90 to 130 ringgit.

4- Get a taxi just from inside the airport booths that are specific to the airport; taxis are also stationed outside the airport that probably take you cheaper, but they are not recommended.

5- If the representative of university comes to the airport, you do not need to rent a taxi and go to the university or the desired hotel by the representative.

It was the important tips after traveling to Malaysia; you will certainly exit from the airport without trouble through doing the process and all the important points after a trip to Malaysia and move to the destination.

Kuala Lumpur international Airport

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