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Steps to Getting a student visa in Malaysia

student visa in Malaysia

International students who wish to study full-time or part-time at any educational institution in Malaysia must apply for a Student pass before arrival in Malaysia ( Student Visa in Malaysia ).

ُstep by step ُStudent visa in Malaysia process are as follows:

Student Visa Application Process
Steps Details
Step 1

Offer Letter from University: 

select your program/ University and get your offer letter from your Intended university Click here to see the process of getting admission or offer letter.

Step 2

Apply for Visa Approval Letter from Immigration Malaysia ( VAL ) :

The following is the list of documents required for the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) application process:

1. Offer letter

2. Completion certificate and Transcripts ( certificates which u have sent for Offer letter at Step 1)

3. All Pages of passport – Click to Download a Sample

  • Passport validity must not be less than 24 months from the date of admission.
  • All pages of the passport ( including the empty and cover pages  ) are required.
  • Kindly make sure that the page numbers of the passport are clearly visible.
  • Two facing pages must be scanned in one A4 size page.

4. Passport-sized photograph –  Click to Download the Photo Guide

  • Coloured, with blue background
  • Photograph measurement: Height (50mm) and Width (35mm). 

5. Medical Checkup form (Pre Arrival Health Examination ), Click Here for more details

6. No Objection Certificate (NOC) (Only applicable to students from Sub-Sahara Africa)

7. Visa Application fee – Visa application fee is variable for different universities, when you receive your offer letter in the first step a part of offer letter explained about the visa application fee and exact amount of that, you can also contact us and send the name of selected university, then our advisors will let you know the amount of visa application fee in that university

NOTE: By receiving the above documents we will submit your file and follow up through university, EMGS, and Immigration. After 2 months your VAL will be ready, then documents will be send to the registered email.

Step 3

Apply for Single Entry Visa ( SEV ) in embassy of Malaysia in your country :

These are the required documents which you need to submit to the embassy of Malaysia in your home country for SEV:

1- Copy of your Offer Letter

2- Copy of your VAL 

  • Note: some embassies in some countries required the original VAL before you go to embassy just call them and ask, if they required original VAL, send us your Postal address then we will send you original Val.

3- Original Passport and Copy 

4- photo with a blue back ground ( 6 pieces )

5- flight ticket to Malaysia

NOTE: the process of Single entry visa takes about 1 week.

Step 4

Accommodation Reservation:

If you want to get accommodation from university or want to book the hotel, we do this process for you, just you need to fill in the accommodation form and send it to us. as the application for hostel reservation in all universities are not same, you can contact us and let us know the name of the university then we will reply you back with the accommodation application form of that university .

Step 5

Arranging Airport Pick up 

to arrange airport pick up just you need to fill in the arrival form and send it back to us with the copy of your flight ticket – Click here to Download the arrival form

Important Note: if there is any changes in your flight ticket inform us immediately from Contact Us Page.

  A few tips to keep in mind before sending your documents for a student visa in Malaysia :

  1. All documents must be scanned by the scanner in colour with high resolution . Do not take a photo of your documents by mobile, it will be rejected.
  2. Format of documents must be as follow :
    • Photo must be in JPG format
    • Arrival form must be in Word format
    • the rest of documents must be in PDF format
  3. Each and every Document should be named exactly as it is in nature, for example, if you want to send your ielts just name it IELTS or if your want to send your transcripts just name it TRANSCRIPT, then we can easily find what is that document which you have sent . click to see this sample
  4. All documents must be sent at this E-mail:


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