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Important tips before traveling to Malaysia

Important tips before traveling to Malaysia

Important tips before traveling to Malaysia
Important tips before traveling to Malaysia

these are the important tips before traveling to Malaysia are very important for all international those who are coming to Malaysia as follow:

1- If you have not yet received a passport, you should attempt to conduct the process of receiving passport. If you have a passport, make sure it is valid at least 2 years.

2- If you want to study in Malaysia, having the acceptance letter is necessary. Make sure first of all to finalize your reception at the university. If you have attempted for university admissions directly or personally, this letter will be sent to your email. Some universities may notify the acceptance via an email and send the documents to your postal address. If a friend or a company, as your representative, is responsible for following up your relevant things, ask him to receive the admission letter from the university and send to you. After receiving the letter of acceptance, certainly check your profile, discipline, and enrollment time so that there is no contradiction.

3- Attempt to complete your file by submitting the required documents for visa to the university. Under the new rules of the Malaysian Immigration Department and at the beginning of 2012, there is no the possibility of converting the tourist visa to student visa. Accordingly, you should attempt to apply the student visa immediately after receiving the admission letter through sending the supplementary documents. University sends the corresponding letter to your postal address and you’re bound to present this letter along with the admission letter in airport of Malaysia.

4- Get tickets a few days before traveling to Malaysia and check the information contained in the tickets before getting to airport. Most importantly, make sure how kilos is the allowed load to carry. If the load with you is more than the allowed load, you should pay the overload fines.

5- If possible, try to get all the necessary tools and snapping from the city center a few days before the flight and arrival to the airport; the price of goods in airport is 2 to 3 times compared to the city center stores. As well as, obtain any amount of currency (dollars, euros, Ringgit) which you need from banks and authorized money changers a few days before the travel. The exchange rate in the airport is more expensive than the ones in money changers and banks.

You can see a list of items that you need at this link.

6- Be at the airport at least 2 hours and a half before the flight.

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