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University Putra Malaysia (UPM)

University Putra Malaysia (UPM) is one of the largest, oldest and best public universities in Malaysia. The diversity of different programs at UPM has attracted many students at various levels of study from all over the world. Currently, UPM hosts Students from at least 85 countries around the world and of course, this is a great opportunity for them to get familiar with the culture, traditions and customs of other countries.

The variety of programs at University Putra Malaysia is so extensive that you can easily find your desired field of study there. UPM offers over 500 majors at different levels of study.

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Univertsity Putra Malaysia

  • Full Name: University Putra Malaysia
  • Abbreviation: UPM
  • Year of Establishment: 1971
  • Type of university: Public
  • Number of Staff: 1,932
  • Number of Students: 28,500

Sometimes when we go to UPM with our colleagues to do students’ administrative tasks, the university is so vast that we feel like we have entered a city. If you don’t have your own vehicle, you must use the buses inside the university to get around.

It should be noted that, the University of Putra Malaysia was established in 1971 by the merger of the Faculty of Agriculture in Serdang, that can almost be said that it is the only university that offers agriculture and forestry courses in Malaysia. Therefore, every year a large number of students from all over the world come to UPM to follow their studies in these fields.

University Putra Malaysia UPM
University Putra Malaysia UPM

World Rank of University Putra Malaysia 

University Putra Malaysia (UPM) is approved by all countries and according to the latest assessment of QS World University Ranking Institute, University Putra Malaysia is ranked 158th in the world.

Due to the fact that the Putra University of Malaysia has a high reputation in all countries of the world, their graduates can easily go to any country in the world for work or future studies without any problem.

Programs and Fees at University Putra Malaysia

The following list includes the available programs at UPM, along with the costs and duration of studying for each major in UPM. It should be noted that, at the beginning of each semester, we obtain the latest information of UPM tuition fees and programs directly from the university and update them on this page. 

All amounts mentioned on this page are in US dollars. To see the programs offered by each faculty, click on the name of the faculty.

We are updating the programs

We are updating the programs

We are updating the programs

Location of UPM Putra Malaysia

University Putra Malaysia (UPM) is located in the Serdang district, approximately 20 kilometers away from Kuala Lumpur’s City center, which is about 10 minutes driving. The Uniten University of Malaysia and IUKL University are also located in Serdang region, as a result, Serdang region is known as one of the student districts in Malaysia. 

All facilities such as supermarkets, restaurants, bakery, bus station, taxi station and train station are easy to access in the Serdang area.

Mines Shopping mall, one of the largest shopping and tourist centers in Malaysia, is located in Serdang district, and students can get all their daily necessities from this mall. 

Mines shopping mall Malaysia
Mines shopping mall Malaysia

The first floor of Mains shopping center contains all types of restaurants, hypermarkets and fast foods, the second and third floors offer all kinds of clothing, bags and shoe brands, and the fourth floor contains all kinds of mobile phone, computer, laptop and IT stores. A beautiful river also flows through the Mains shopping fair, which connects to the Mains Lake, and of course boating in this river and lake is an enjoyable experience on holidays.

UPM Admission intakes

University Putra Malaysia admits students twice a year, which are the main semesters of the university. Students can start their studies at the university putra in either of these two semesters. 

January intake: If you want to start your studies in January intake at UPM, send us your documents at least 2-3 months before the beginning of the semester.

September Intake: If you want to start your studies in September intake at UPM, you should submit your documents at least 2-3 months before the start of the semester. 

Note: some undergraduate and postgraduate programs at UPM only accept students once a year. For PhD programs at UPM, you can get admission in both semesters. Our consultants will guide you in choosing the right program and intake process.

I have been admitted to UPM for the January semester, but I cannot start my studies this semester. Is my acceptance letter valid for the next semester (September)?

Yes, it is acceptable, if you were accepted for any semester, but could not start your studies in that semester for any reason, ask our consultants to transfer your acceptance letter to the next semester and get a deferment letter from the university for you. Transferring the acceptance letter from one semester to the next is called Deferral.

Admission Requirements in UPM 

– To enroll in a bachelor’s degree at UPM University, students must have a Secondary school or A Level with a minimum GPA of 75%.

– To register for a master’s degree at UPM University, students must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of at least 70% to 75% and the field of study in bachelor’s degree must be the same or related to the field of study desired to enroll in the master’s degree. For example, if you have a bachelor’s degree in physics, you cannot register for a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at University Putra Malaysia.

– To enroll in PhD degree at UPM University, students must have a master’s degree with a minimum GPA of at least 70% to 75%, and the field of study in master’s degree must be the same as the field in which you want to register in the doctoral program at UPM University. For Instance, if you have a master’s degree in physics, you can’t apply for a PhD in mechanical engineering in UPM.

My GPA is lower than the required GPA for UPM University, can I still apply?

Unfortunately, students who want to apply for bachelor’s degree at UPM cannot be accepted, if their high school or A Level GPA is lower than the UPM minimum requirement. However, students who want to enroll in master’s and PhD at University Putra Malaysia and their GPA in the previous degree is lower than the desired GPA of the university, we can still help them get admission by providing the following:

  • having work experience related to the field of study
  • Publishing scientific articles
  • writing a strong research proposal

In some cases, if the number of new students for your field is low, the university accepts lower GPAs. in this case, it is necessary to have an experienced consultant to do your admission tasks. Talk to our counselors, we will guide you. (many students with lower GPAs than UPM’s required GPM have been accepted through us).

English requirements for admission in UPM

The language of study at University Putra Malaysia is English. All students who want to enroll at UPM must provide one of the following English language proficiency certificates. 

  • IELTS 6 
  • TOEFL IBT 65-78
  • MUET: band 4 (211-257)
  • PTE: 59-62
  • CIEP: 109


Yes, you can get admission to UPM without a language certificate and get a student visa after that, but you must take the English language placement test when you want to start studying at the UPM. If you achieve the grade accepted by the university, you can start studying in your desired field. But if you don’t get the desired score in the English test, you will be required to take an English language course at UPM based on your placement test.

It depends on your current language level and the score you achieve in the english placement test at university putra malaysia. Based on the experiences of students who participated in the language course at UPM: 

  • If your language level is weak, you need to study English for at least 6 to 8 months to reach the desired level of the university.
  • If your language level is intermediate, you need to study the language for at least 4 to 7 months to reach the desired level of the university. 
  • If your language is upper-intermediate and close to good, you can reach the required level with a 2 to 3 months course.

No, you don’t need to. Obtain a letter from your previous university which states that the language of study and exams in that university was entirely English and send this letter to us along with your application. However, sometimes the university asks you to take the English placement test at University Putra Malaysia to make sure that your English language level is good enough.

Note: If your previous education was in English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England, you can directly start studying at the university, without an IELTS or TOEFL certificate and without taking the English proficiency test at UPM University. If you have studied in a country where the official language is not English, but the language of study in that university is English, you must get the letter from the university explained above.

No, the language of study at UPM is English in all levels and programs of Putra University.

Scholarships at University Putra Malaysia

Almost all of the students who talk to our counselors about registering at UPM, ask us about how to get a scholarship. It should be noted that sometimes scholarships are announced by the university for some programs. Then we will announce the scholarship information to the students. And also announce them on our Instagram page. So, if you are looking for scholarships in Malaysia, follow our page on Instagram to learn about available scholarship in Malaysia.

For more information about scholarships in Malaysia and students who have obtained admission through us, follow our page on Instagram and Facebook

Accommodation at UPM University

One of the most important things that students have to consider when arriving in Malaysia is finding accommodation. This is the biggest concern of students before arriving in Malaysia. But we need to inform you, do not worry about UPM accommodation. Our expert team, with nearly two decades of experience as the oldest company in the field of student services in Malaysia has helped over 6,000 students to find their suitable accommodation in Malaysia, and we are also ready to help all new students as well.

if you are planing to study at University Putra Malaysia, you have two choices for your accommodation:

The dormitories of UPM are in the form of single and twin rooms and all of the students can use them inside UPM University. Students who want to get a room on campus, should send us their request before traveling to Malaysia and we will book the room for them based on their budget. 

For married students who come to Malaysia with their families, several apartments inside putra University are available, however, the number of apartments is limited, so priority will be given to those who apply sooner. and if the university apartments are not available, we will assist you to rent an apartment near UPM.

-The cost of renting a room on campus is approximately 80-200 dollars per month for a single room. 

-The cost of renting an apartment inside the UPM is approximately 350 to 450 dollars per month.

Students who don’t want to live in the rooms inside UPM campus can rent a room or apartment close to UPM. 

There are many rooms, apartments and studios with different prices near UPM, we will help you find a room or apartment that fits your budget and is located in a convenient area close to the university. 

 – The cost of renting a single room close to UPM is approximately 100-300 dollars per month

– The cost of renting an apartment close to UPM in Serdang and Seri Kembangan district depending on the amenities and size of the apartment is approximately 350 to 1000 dollars per month.

Required documents for admission at UPM

  1.  The first page of the passport
  2.  A passport-sized photo with a white background 
  3. Bachelor’s degree & transcripts (for postgraduate applicants) 
  4. Master’s degree & transcripts (for PhD applicants) 
  5. work experience (not necessary, but send it if you have it) 
  6. application forms (we will provide you the necessary application forms) 
  7. English language certificate (not obligatory, but send it if it is available) 
  8. Proposal (for postgraduate and PhD applicants)

For more information and instructions on preparing and submitting documents, visit the dedicated page for documents required for UPM application requirements.

Registration steps at UPM

  1. Contact our team to help you choose a program  at UPM University 
  2. Send us the required documents
  3. Obtain an offer letter from UPM University 
  4. Obtain a student visa from the Malaysian Immigration (VAL) 
  5. Obtain a single entry visa from the Malaysian embassy in your country (SEV)
  6. Book your flight and send a copy of ticket to our counselors 
  7. Book accommodation or hotel near UPM
  8. Travel to Malaysia and being welcomed by our team at the airport
  9. Conducting medical tests at the UPM Clinic 
  10. Tuition payment of the University
  11. Final registration and obtaining the student ID card 
  12. Start your studies

Note: It takes two to three months to complete the registration process at University putra Malaysia. Send us your documents two to three months prior to the beginning of each semester you want to start your study in. 

For more information and details about each of the 12 steps listed above, please refer to the admission process at university putra malaysia.

Do you want to enroll in UPM?

Our team, as the oldest and largest student services in Malaysia and the official representative of universities and language institutions, is so proud to announce that since 2007, our team has helped over 6,000 students from all over the world with counseling, admission services, visas and housing without any problem and fortunately they started their education and life easily after that.

It should be noted that all of our counselors are graduated from Malaysian universities and are fully aware of university, visa and accommodation matters. 

To apply in University Putra Malaysia, please complete the consultation form, then click the submit button, and we will respond to you as soon as possible. You can also contact us directly via WhatsApp or email mentioned below.

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