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Renting a house in Malaysia | Rent an Apartment in Malaysia

Renting a House in Malaysia

about renting a house in Malaysia, Usually many students who come to study in Malaysia, instead of dormitory, they prefer to rent an apartment near the university. For example, almost all the students who come to this country with their family to study in Malaysia rent an apartment. Unfortunately, because of unfamiliarity with the rules and conditions of tenancy in Malaysia as well as unfamiliarity with the areas of Malaysia, many students have troubles in this regard. In this section we describe the conditions and rules of tenancy in Malaysia.

Renting a House in Malaysia
Renting a House in Malaysia

Houses for rent in Malaysia are divided into 3 categories:

  1. Fully Furnished Unit: These types of houses are fully furnished and includes all the equipment needed for life such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, fans, sleeping services including bed and mattresses and wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, dining tables, shelves for shoes, study table, electric water heater , cooking gas, vacuum cleaners and furniture.
  2. Semi Furnished Unit: These types of buildings are partially furnished and include items such as fan, sleeping service including bed and mattresses, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, dining tables, shelves for shoes, electric water heaters, gas cooking and sofa. These type apartments are usually without washing machines and refrigerators.
  3. Empty Unit: These types of buildings have none of the devices mentioned in two categories above, and after renting all equipment must be provided by the tenant.

Based on our many years of experience in order to save costs we offer that if you want to live in Malaysia between 10 days to 2 years, rent furnished apartments and if the duration of your stay is more than two years it is better that you rent an empty apartment and buy the necessary tools for life.

Steps to rent an apartment in Malaysia:

To rent an apartment you can take action in two ways:

  1. Building Management: Management of any building is on the ground floor of the same building and you can refer to management of any building from 9 am to 5 pm.
  2. Estate agencies outside of building: These agencies can be found through searches on the Internet.

NOTE: If you come to Malaysia through our group we can help you in the field of renting apartments.

The costs required to pay to the landlord on conclusion of contract:

When you confirmed the apartment or reached an agreement with the landlord you should pay the following costs to the landlord:

  • The cost of renting for the first month
  • The cost of deposit equivalent to three times of the money to rent
  • The cost of the contract approximately 400 to 700 ringgit which depends on the rental price

For example, if you want to rent an apartment at a price of 1000 ringgit a month, the total cost you have to pay to landlord is as follows:

  • The cost of renting for the first month: 1000 ringgit
  • Bond or deposit: 3000 ringgit
  • The cost of contract: 400 ringgit
  • Total Payment: 4400 Malaysian ringgit

 Important Tips When you rent a house in Malaysia:

  1. The delivery receipt for all payments
  2. After taking over the house, almost one week later the contract is ready and all the equipment available at the house would be noted on the contract, all items should be checked to be consistent with the items listed on the contract.
  3. Given that homeowners entrust all things to their representatives, you may not meet homeowners, but the landlord’s phone number and mailing address along with his account number to pay the next rent would be mentioned in the contract, if possible, contact with the landlord and make sure about the accuracy of the data and his account number.
  4. Two months before the end of the contract, if you want to renew it for the following year, inform the landlord
  5. Pay your rent on time
  6. If you evacuate the house before the end of the contract, the money of deposit is not returned to you
  7. If you want to rent the house to someone else, not harmonize with landlord
  8. Get a copy of the contract signed by the homeowner
  9. Keep all receipts of monthly rent as well as receipts of the bills of electricity and water, and finally deliver them
  10. In the event of failure of any kind of device, inform your landlord on the first day of entering the house.

Students who use the services of MN Group, our consultants that are familiar to all areas in Malaysia and the rules of renting apartments in Malaysia, will guide you well and rent for you the best, most appropriate and closest apartment to the university or college where you study with your coordination and consultation.

Home rental price in different parts of Malaysia has been mentioned at the link related to the costs of life.

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