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Dependent visa in Malaysia | How to get visa for family in Malaysia

Dependent visa in Malaysia

Dependent visa in Malaysia
Dependent visa in Malaysia

visa for family in malaysia also called Dependent visa, companion visa and spouse visa . Dependent visa in Malaysia are issued for two categories of foreigners in Malaysia:

Dependent visa for the wife and children of those who work in Malaysia:

If you want to work in Malaysia you should first find a job and then send the required documents to the company of your workplace to receive a work visa in Malaysia, after two months, they receive your visa; then you can travel to Malaysia. When you arrive in Malaysia, you give your passport to your workplace and Malaysian work visa sticker is inserted in your passport.

When you receive a work visa in your passport, you can send an invitation to Malaysia for your wife and children so that they can travel to Malaysia. When your family arrives in Malaysia, family documents should be delivered to the Visa Department at your workplace; then they receive Dependent visas.

For more information about work visas in Malaysia, visit this link.

Dependent visa for wife and the children of students studying in Malaysia:

Only students can receive visas for their wives and children in Malaysia that are studying in one of the following educational levels in Malaysia:

  1. Master’s degree in Malaysia
  2. PhD in Malaysia
  3. Postdoc in Malaysia

Important Note: Dependent visa in Malaysia is not given to the family of the students studying in the educational levels of pre-university, associate degree, bachelor’s degree and English language courses in English language colleges in Malaysia.

Spouse visa in Malaysia is dedicated to those who want to continue their study in Malaysia and during the course of study, their wife, children or parents live with them in Malaysia.

The procedure to receive dependent visa for family of the students in Malaysia:

First step: Receiving admission (offer letter) for students in a educational level of Master degree or PhD or postdoctoral

Second step: Receiving a student visa for students – for more information about a student visa in Malaysia, visit this link.

Third step: Traveling to Malaysia with family

Fourth step: Delivery of student passport to the university to insert visa sticker on the passport.

When you travel to Malaysia with your family, you should first give student passport to the university and then your passport is sent to the Immigration Department of Malaysia and student visa sticker will be inserted on the student passport.

Note: To this moment you do not need to do anything for the family, when your family arrives in Malaysia receives residency visa in Malaysia airport for at least a month or two months.

Fifth step: Applying for a visa for the wife and children

When you receive your passport, you can apply for a visa for your wife and children. To do so, you should give required documents for family visa  in Malaysia to Visa Department in the university, they do all work required to get a visa for your family, and after 2 months the visa of student’s family in Malaysia will be received from the Immigration Department.

Documents required for receiving family visa in Malaysia:

1-Copy of all pages of the student’s passport

2-Original and copy of all passport pages of dependents (wife and children)

3-Family Letter: You can receive this letter from your country’s embassy in Malaysia; for example, if you’re a native of Saudi Arabia, you should refer to the Saudi embassy in Malaysia and request a Family Letter. On Family Letter, the profiles of you, your wife and children are written.

4-Photos with white background

5-Student admission letter (offer Letter)

6-Bank statement from student to show you are eligible to support your family in malaysia

7-Medical insurance for each family member

The cost of family visa in Malaysia: Almost 700 ringgit for each family member should be paid to the Visa Department in the university.

When you deliver documents to the university, two months later the dependent visa is issued and expiry date is the same as of student visa expiry date in Malaysia. In order to extend it, when the student extends his visa, he can submit the visa of the companions to the university to be extended for the next year. 

Note: The period of validity of student and family’ passports for delivery to the university and receiving family visa should be at least a year and a half.

Important Note: Those who receive dependent visa in Malaysia cannot work in Malaysia, if you want to work in Malaysia, you should first find a job and cancel the visa of your companion and apply for visa from your workplace.

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