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TOEFL test in Malaysia | TOEFL Test Dates and fees in Malaysia

TOEFL test in Malaysia: One of the most important documents to study at international universities as well as universities in Malaysia is IELTS or TOEFL certificate. On this page we explain about the TOEFL test in Malaysia. For information about the IELTS test in Malaysia refer to this page.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

TOEFL is a test to assess the ability of a person to communicate in English at universities and educational institutions. This test is held by ETS Institute and is accepted by more than nine thousand universities and institutions in more than one hundred and thirty countries. TOEFL was first held in 1964 and since then nearly 20 million people have participated in this test.

TOEFL test is held in three ways:

  1. TOEFL CBT (Computer based Test)
  2. TOEFL PBT (Paper-based Test): It is held six times a year in different countries.
  3. TOEFL iBT (Internet-based Test): It is a common way for TOEFL test and is held 30 to 40 times a year in different countries.

Which TOEFL test is held in Malaysia? TOEFL iBT as one of the most popular TOEFL tests being held by ELS Language center in Malaysia. Given the popularity of the TOEFL IBT, we explain about the TOEFL IBT test on this page.

What is the difference of iBT from PBT and CBT?iBT has a new part of Speaking Structure part that was involved in PBT and CBT has been removed. Grammar is indirectly examined in other parts of this test. Speeches and discussion in the Listening part have been longer and Note Taking is also allowed. In Reading part, the questions are more diverse for example, participants are asked to classify information or fill out a table. Typing is required in Writing.

What is IBT test scoring system?IBT test scoring system is shown in the following table:

  • Listening: 0-30
  • Reading: 0-30
  • Speaking: 0-30
  • Writing: 0-30
  • Total score: 0-120

Different parts in TOEFL iBT: 

Reading part in TOEFL iBT: Reading part in iBT is very different from CBT. This part consists of three academic texts being followed by several questions. Each of these texts is composed approximately of 650 to 750 words. Type of questions is also a combination of CBT questions and newer types of questions in which participants have to fill out a table or complete a validity conclusion. The two feature added to the Reading part is Glossary as well as Review Option. Glossary allows you to look key words up and Review Option allows you to return and review your answers.

Listening part in TOEFL iBT: Listening part of TOEFL test assesses your ability to understand conversations in English. Listening part in iBT is not very different from it in CBT. This part consists of two conversations and four speeches with multiple questions.

Writing part in TOEFL iBT: This part is to assess your ability to apply “Writing” for communicating in an academic environment. This part is divided into two sections: Integrated section and Independent section; typing is necessary for both sections. In Integrated section you should first read a short text (250 to 300 words) and then listen to a speech related to the text. Then you should answer a question using the information obtained from text and speech. Within 20 minutes you should write your answer in 150 to 225 words. Independent section is similar to Writing part in CBT. Within 200 minutes you should write a short composition containing 300 words about a particular subject.

Speaking part in TOEF iBT: This new TOEFL test has six Tasks from which two tasks are Independent and four of them are integrated. More precisely, the Speaking part of TOEFL test has the following sections:

2 independent tasks about common and free topics.

-Participants should defend a certain topic and explain about it using personal knowledge and experiences.

2 integrated tasks based on reading and writing.

– These tasks include a short text and a little talk. Participants should integrate the information they have obtained by these two ways and use it in their answers.

2 integrated tasks based on listening to a speech or a short conversation.

– Participants should briefly use the key points from what they listen to in their answers.

Time to respond to each of the tasks varies from 45 to 60 seconds.

The validity period of TOEFL test: TOEFL test is valid for 2 years and after two years if you need the TOEFL TRF you should re-participate in the TOEFL test.

The organizers of the TOEFL test in Malaysia: TOEFL test is held in Malaysia by ELS Language center.

The cost of the TOEFL test in Malaysia: TOEFL test cost is 850 ringgit in Malaysia.

TOEFL sites in Malaysia: For the convenience of students for the TOEFL test in Malaysia, ELS Language Centre holds TOEFL test in 5 areas of Malaysia; students can participate in TOEFL test at the nearest center in Malaysia. It should be noted that the quality and how to hold TOEFL test is the same in all regions of Malaysia so you can refer to the nearest one.

 TOEFL test in Malaysia is held by ELS Language center in the following areas:

  • Kuala lumpure
  • Petalingjaya
  • Subang Jaya
  • Johor Bahru
  • Kota kinabalu

TOEFL test dates in Malaysia: iBT TOEFL test is  held twice a month in Malaysia in ELS language center; due to the high number of applicants for TOEFL test in Malaysia, you should register for TOEFL test 2 weeks earlier than the test date. For information on TOEFL test dates in Malaysia, visit the ETS site.  

How to register for TOEFL test in Malaysia: Registration of TOEFL test in Malaysia is performed online.  In order to register for TOEFL test please visit the website of ELS or ETS.

Website of ELS Language Center in Malaysia

Website of ETS in Malaysia

Receiving TOEFL test results in Malaysia: Approximately 12 days after the TOEFL test in Malaysia, the results are announced online on the websites of ETS and two days later you can receive your TOEFL TRF.   In general, 14 days after TOEFL test you can receive the TOEFL TRF. 

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