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How to get a driving license in Malaysia

driving license in Malaysia

You can use the international certification for driving in Malaysia. The use of this type of certificate is legally without objection and you will not face to a problem if you provide it to the Malaysian police as well. However, note that most of the insurance companies refused from providing services to those who do not have a Malaysian’s driving license in case of accident in Malaysia. Therefore since getting a driving license in Malaysia is very easy, it is recommended that they try to get a driving license in Malaysia as soon as possible.

Steps to getting a driving license in Malaysia (the Malay Certificate) for those who have a driving license in their country:

First step: At first, you should translate a driving license that have already taken in your country into English before traveling to Malaysia.

Second step: When you travel to Malaysia, do not forget that bring your original certificate and its translated version and visit to your country’s embassy in Malaysia after arriving in Malaysia and verify the translated version in the embassy.

Third step: Visit the office of (JPJ) located in the city Shah Alam with having the following documents and apply a driving license in Malaysia.

  1. Original and copy of the first page of the passport
  2. Copy of visa page (be careful that you cannot visit the office JPJ without having the student visa or work visa)
  3. Two color photographs with blue background
  4. The original and the translated version of your certificate which is approved by your country’s embassy
  5. The amounted of 30 ringgit money

Your records will be checked after delivery of these documents and your driver’s license will be issued in Malaysia after some time and inform you that refer to the office JPJ for delivery of it. click to visit official website of JPJ malaysia

This information is written on the Malaysian driving license: Name and Surname, address, place of residence and validity date of the license.

Driving License in Malaysia
Driving License in Malaysia

Office JPJ address in the city of Shah Alam is as follows:

Working hours of the office JPJ: Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm

How to renew a driving license in Malaysia:

Usually the first driving license that is given to you in Malaysia is valid for 1 year which is given only in JPJ branch of the city Shah Alam. But you can refer to all branches of office JPJ in Malaysia to extend this certification.

Refer to the nearest JPJ office from your home 10 days before ending the validity of the driving license in Malaysia, and submit the following documents. They will renew your license on the same day and deliver it to you:

  1.  Original passport
  2. A color photograph with blue background
  3. The Malay licenses
  4. Amount of 30 ringgit cash

Note: The cost of a driving license in Malaysia is 30 ringgit for each year. The certification is usually given for a year at the first time, but you can apply for an extension up to 5 years and pay the amount of 30 ringgit for the extension each year. For example, if you apply the extension of your license for 3 years, you should pay the amount of 90 ringgit.

Steps to getting a driving license in Malaysia (the Malay Certificate) for those who have not a driving license in their country:

You can enroll in private driving schools and get driving licenses in Malaysia as your country. Here you should attend in theory classes (classes usually are in Malay language) and in written (English) test. Practical training includes driving in town and obtaining certification L and driving in the city. You can participate in the ultimate test after passing the training courses and confirming in the pretest.

The cost of obtaining a driving license in Malaysia through participation in classes is usually 1000 to 1500 ringgit and the minimum age is 18 years.

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