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IELTS test in Malaysia | IELTS Test Dates and fees in Malaysia

One of the most important documents to study at international universities as well as universities in Malaysia is IELTS or TOEFL certificate. On this page we explain about the IELTS test in Malaysia. For information about the TOEFL test in Malaysia refer to this page.

 IELTS (International English Language Testing System): IELTS is one of the most valuable English language tests being held around the world. IELTS test is British and TOEFL test is American. This test is held by the University of Cambridge in England, British Council and IELTS center in Australia.

About IELTS: As lots of educated audience may know, IELTS involves 4 skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking as well as Listening. Each section has a score from 0 to 9. A person who in any skill can earn a score from 6 to 7, he is in a good and acceptable condition of English language and such a person will be allowed to study at English-speaking universities around the world. The persons who earn a score less than 5.5,  the level of their language proficiency is not good and therefore in order to receive the Admission Letter they should participate in the test again so that earn the desirable score according to Admission Requirements.

IELTS test will be held in two types:

  1. Academic Test: For those who want to study in an English-speaking university.
  2. General Test: For those who want to immigrate to an English speaking country such as Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

The differences of Academic Test from General Test: As it was said, IELTS involves 4 skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking as well as Listening. The skills of Speaking and Listening in both tests are the same but the skills of writing and Reading are different. 

The reading and writing texts of the General Test are very comprehensive and are selected from newspapers and radio and television and the Internet. But in the Academic Test, the texts are academic and scientific texts and are difficult but more limited.

The validity period of IELTS test:  IELTS is valid for 2 years and after two years if you need the IELTS TRF you should re-participate in the IELTS test.

The organizers of the IELTS test in Malaysia: IELTS test is held in Malaysia by two centers:

  1. British Council (this centre is British)
  2. International Development Program or IDP (this centre is Australian).

IELTS test fee in Malaysia: IELTS test fee in Malaysia is 850 ringgit. It should be noted that IELTS test fee is the same in all the branches of British Council and IDP. 

IELTS test sites in Malaysia: For the convenience of students to participate in the IELTS test in Malaysia, two centers of IDP and British Council hold IELTS in different areas in Malaysia; students can participate in IELTS test at the nearest center in Malaysia. It should be noted that the quality and how to hold IELTS test is the same in all centers in Malaysia so you can refer to the nearest one.

IELTS test in Malaysia is held by IDP center in the following areas:

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Subang Jaya
  • Penang
  • Johor Bahru
  • Kuching
  •  Kota Kinabalu

IELTS test in Malaysia is held by British Council in the following areas:

  • Kuala lumpure
  • Petalingjaya
  • Subang Jaya
  • Johor Bahru
  • Penang
  • Melaka
  • Kuala Trengganu
  • Ipoh
  • Kota kinabalu
  • Kuching
  • Miri
  • Sibu

IELTS test dates in Malaysia: ELTS test is held every week in Malaysia. Due to the high number of applicants for IELTS test in Malaysia, you should register for IELTS test 2 weeks earlier than the test date. For information on IELTS test dates in Malaysia, visit the sites of British Council and IDP institutes in Malaysia. 

How to register for IELTS test in Malaysia: Registration of IELTS test in Malaysia is performed online by two centers of British Council and IDP.  In order to register please visit the website of these two centers.

British Council Center Website in Malaysia

IDP Institute Website in Malaysia

Receiving IELTS test results in Malaysia: Approximately 12 days after the IELTS test in Malaysia, the results are announced online on the websites of British Council and IDP and two days later you can receive your IELTS TRF.   In general, 14 days after IELETS test you can receive the IELTS TRF. 

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