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Hotels in Malaysia | Type and Cost of Hotels

Hotels in Malaysia

Due to being a tourist country, Malaysia accepts a lot of travellers each year from around the world, for this reason in any area where you go 100% you will see boards of several hotels in malaysia.

Variety of hotels in Malaysia includes:

  • 2-star hotels
  • 3-star hotels
  • 4-star hotels
  • 5-star hotels

 Approximate price of variety of Malaysian hotels and hotel cost in Malaysia:

  • The price of a double room in the 2-star hotels is almost every night 70 to 120 ringgit
  • The price of a double room in the 3-star hotels is almost every night 250 to 300 ringgit
  • The price of a double room in the 4-star hotels is almost every night 330 to 450 ringgit
  • The price of a double room in the 5-star hotels is almost every night 400 to 600 ringgit
hotels in malaysia
Grand Hyatt Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Usually passengers who travel to Malaysia as a tourist, depending on the budget and hotel facilities, they chose 3, 4 and 5-star hotels to stay.

 Choosing hotels between students can be different depending on their budget. Since the students after arriving in Malaysia, from morning to evening are out of the hotel and follow basic tasks such as enrolment, renting apartments and so on, and the hotel is just a place to rest at night, we suggested this category of students that they use 2-star hotels and avoid paying extra fees for just resting at night. However, if you’re in good financial condition you can use 2-star hotels and above.

There are often 2-star hotels in each region of Malaysia. The rooms of these hotels are relatively small and include bed, bath, toilet, air conditioning and in some hotels free wireless internet and there are not other ancillary facilities such as a restaurant, lounge, pool, safe deposit boxes in this type of hotels.

All tourists, students and people who wish to travel to Malaysia and want to reserve hotel before arriving in Malaysia, they can request hotel reservation via our email that before arriving in Malaysia, our consultants book the most suitable hotel for you.

 Important Notes about hotel reservation and accommodation at hotel:

  1. If you stay in two-star hotels, do not leave valuables such as laptop, gold, cash and passport at the hotel.
  2. If you travel to Malaysia as a student, due to the high cost of taxi fares and traffic, consider a hotel to that is close to the University of your Choice (students who use the services of our group, our consultants consider the best option for you)
  3. If you travel to Malaysia as a tourist, and you wish to book a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, preferably book hotels near the station of subway or bus.
  4. If you stay in 3-star hotels and above, deliver your valuables to the hotel safe deposit boxes.
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