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About AIMST: AIMST University is registered with the Ministry of Higher Education, Government of Malaysia, as a tertiary educational institute, under Sections 38 and 39 of the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act of 1996. It formally began its operations on 30 October 2001, coinciding with its registration with the Department of Private Education under the Ministry of Higher Education. Imbued with the vision of its founders, AIMST aims to be a premier private sector university in the country and the region catering to the needs of local and international students in providing quality technical education at an affordable price. The curricula for most of the degree programmes are drawn from the University of Bristol in the U.K. Most components of the degree programmes include computer training, writing and research in order to prepare students for work and to provide them with the ability to apply technologies in all aspects of their education. Admission to the degree programmes requires the applicant to meet minimally the prescribed grades in the relevant subjects at the matriculation (local or overseas) level or possess other equivalent qualifications acceptable to AIMST University. The medium of instruction for all courses in English, although the importance of the National Language will be emphasised in all activities of the University. AIMST University will provide language support for students before and during their degree studies to ensure an acceptable level of fluency.




Name in English Official Name in Malay Short Name Type Foundation Year
AIMST AIMST  AIMST  Private  2001 


Location of AIMST: AIMST located in Kedah Darul Aman which take 1-hour journey to Thailand. It takes 5 hours travelling from the main city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Full Address of AIMST: AIMST, Jalan Bedong – Semeling 08100 Bedong, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.


Academic Requirement for admission in AIMST
  •  high school, secondary school or A-Level with minimum CGPA of 3 out of 4 (or average %70) in 3 most relevant courses 
  • Bachelor of related sciences with minimum CGPA 2.75 for Reseach and mixed structure and minimum 2.5 for coursework mode
  • in research mode CGPA above 2.5 can be accepted subject to rigorous internal assessment
  • Masters in related field or other equivalent qualifications recognized by the Malaysian government with minimum CGPA 3 


English Language requirements for admission in AIMST: All international students who are going to apply for AIMST are required to have a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL) or the test administered by the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with the minimum required score below for different levels of study.


English Language Requirement for admission in AIMST
 Type of Program  Minimum Tofel Score Minimum IELTS Score
Bachelor  550  6
Master  550  6
PHD  550  6


Intake Dates For Admission in AIMST
March  1 December
May  3 February
July 19 April


Required documents: list of required documents for admission to AIMST and all Malaysian Universities, including English language institutes is available at this link.

Accommodation at AIMST: AIMST University does provide 5 hostels – Resident Blocks on campus (Blocks Bunga Raya, Block Angerik, Block Angerik, Block Teratai, Block Jerai) for local as well as international students in campus residential areas. The cost is RM500 (Local) /RM600 (International) per month and this is inclusive of food (3 meals a day). Actually, the students cannot cook in their hostels and Food will only be served at the AIMST University Cafeteria.

Programs and cost of study in AIMST: The following tables show the programs and tuition fees for the Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor, Master and PhD programs available in AIMST. 

 NOTE: Tuition fees in the following tables are for 1 year, including Registration fees, Application fees, Student visa, Medical Insurance and EMGS fees.

As we are an official representative of AIMST, all our services such as Consultation, admission and getting the offer letter, Visa application and final registration, booking your room for all students are FREE of charge and we do not charge students any money.

Interested to apply? If you have any question about AIMST and interesting to apply for this university refer to contact us page and send us your requests, our counsellors will reply you as soon as possible and help you to proceed for admission and student visa in AIMST.


Foundation Programs at AIMST
Programs Duration Fees (Ringgit)
In Year Per Year
Faculty of Foundation Studies
Foundations in Science  1 14,400 
Foundation in Engineering 1 14,400 
Foundation in Business 1 12,550


Diploma Programs at AIMST
Programs Duration Fees (Ringgit)
In Year Per Year
Diploma in Physiotherapy 3  21,820
Diploma in Nursing  19,920
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering 2.5  13,370 
Diploma in Computer Engineering 2.5  18,840 


Degree Programs at AIMST
Programs Duration Fees (Ringgit)
In Year Per Year
Bachelor in Physiotherapy 4  23,400
Bachelor in Biotechnology (Hons) 3 16,840 
Bachelor in Business Marketing (Hons) 3.5 15,530 
Bachelor in Finance & Management (Hons) 3.5 15,530 
Bachelor in Management Information Systems 3.5 15,530 
Bachelor in Electrical & Electronic Engineering 4 18,100 
Bachelor in Accounting and Finance 3.5 23,490 
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) 4 37,750 
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) 5 75,810 
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) 5 75,830 
Bachelor of Dental Technology (BDT) 4 48,900 
Bachelor of Nursing 4 25,500 


Masters Programs at AIMST
Programs Duration Fees (Ringgit)
In Year Per Year
Masters in Medical Biochemistry 1  12,050
Masters in Medical Microbiology  12,750
Masters in Human Anatomy  12,400
Masters in Medical Physiology 12,000 
Masters of Pharmacy (Clinical Pharmacy)  1 22,100 
Masters in Management (Health Care Management) 1.5  18,800 
Masters in Pharmacy 23,700
Masters in Business Administration 2 17,750 
Masters in Biotechnology 1 12,200 
Masters in Mobile, Wireless and Satellite Communication 1 20,100 


PhD Programs at AIMST
Programs Duration Fees (Ringgit)
In Year Per Year
PhD in Biotechnology 2 12,200
PhD in Pharmacy 23,350
PhD in Management 20,140
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