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Transportation in Malaysia | Commuting in Malaysia

Transportation in Malaysia

Transportation in Malaysia is one of the things that students tend to have information in this regard, on this page, we write useful and general information on commuting in Malaysia.

Transportation in Malaysia is in 2 ways:

  1. Transportation in Malaysia by private vehicle: With nearly 7000 to 15,000 ringgit you can buy a conventional car in Malaysia and use it during the school period, having a private car, especially for students who are married and want to live with family in Malaysia is the best option.
  1. Transportation in Malaysia by public transport: Due to the cost of buying and also the high cost of car maintenance in Malaysia almost 80% of students prefer to use public transport. Public transports which you can use for commuting in Malaysia are divided into 3 categories: metro, buses and taxis that in the following we explain about each of these vehicles and the costs associated with each.

A: Metro Click here to download the Kuala Lumpur Train Map

In Malaysia, there are two types of metro, subway outside the city that is in fact by earth and it is known as KTM and the Metro into the city that is an electric and air train, and is known as MonoRail and Rabid KL LRT and MRT.

KTM subway is slower than electric trains and there are also electric trains in Kuala Lumpur and have access to almost all parts of the city.

KTM costs for the route approximately 15 km is about 3 ringgit and the cost of electric trains for the route 15 kilometres is almost 4 ringgit.

After arriving to the first subway station in Malaysia you can refer to information counter and receive map of all metros in Malaysia for free. 

Transportation in Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur Train
Kuala Lumpur Train

B: bus

One of the most important public transports that is more popular in Malaysia that cover almost all parts of Malaysia is bus, a lot of people use the bus in Malaysia. The cost of buses in Malaysia is much lower than the cost of the subway and taxis; roughly the cost of tickets for the 15 km route in Malaysia is 1 ringgit. All buses in the Malaysia have numbers and each bus is intended for a line, after renting a house in Malaysia it is better to refer the nearest bus stop and ask about the bus number and the stations of that bus.

It is to mention all Malaysian universities have bus; from the University to hotspots of the city, by referring to the university you can receive the plans and bus station related to the university too.

It is recommended that if you decide to take the bus, try to consider your location on the direction of university buses from home to college so that it is easier for you to commute from home to college.

bus station in Kuala lumpur
bus station in Kuala lumpur

C: Taxi

Taxi in Malaysia is one of the expensive vehicles, for example for a 15 km route by a taxi you must pay 13 ringgit, there are many foreign students that on the first day of arrival in Malaysia they are not familiar with these cases and rent their houses in a place that does not have access to bus and train stations and are forced to use taxis every day and consider a high amount on a monthly for commuting, it is suggested that they use taxi only when necessary.

Taxi Station Kuala lumpur
Taxi Station Kuala lumpur
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