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The materials needed for traveling to Malaysia for first time

materials needed for traveling to Malaysia

One of the things that are required for all during traveling, especially for those who travel to Malaysia at first time is to have information about the materials needed for traveling to Malaysia. There was people who have had the means to travel due to the lack of necessary information in this regard that have been forced to deliver them at the airport or caused to create trouble for them; therefore, we deal with to the list of necessary equipment, necessary explanations and tips in this regard.

materials needed for traveling to Malaysia
materials needed for traveling to Malaysia

Documents: If you travel to Malaysia as a student, one of the most important cases as materials needed for travel to Malaysia for the first travel to Malaysia will be having the documents; some documents are for delivery to the language’s university or college and some others are for affairs related to visa or referral to your country embassy in Malaysia.

  1. Tickets
  2. Original passport
  3. Original ID cards
  4. Marriage certificate translated into English if you are married
  5. Educational documents translated into English
  6. Twelve pieces of colored photo with blue background
  7. Original letter of Acceptance from the University
  8. Original letter of visa – VDR

Personal belongings: All of the personal belongings that were announced below can be prepared in Malaysia, but it is better to bring them with yourself on the first travel because you are not familiar with shopping centers in the early days.

  • Large and small towels
  • Tooth brush and tooth paste
  • A pair of shoes (Malaysian hotels have no slippers)
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Brush or comb

Kitchen and home appliances:

  • Spoon and fork, each one 1 to 2
  • 1 Medium frying pans
  • 1 medium saucepan
  • Small and large plates, each one 1
  • Big and small glass, each one 1
  • Blankets
  • Pillowcases
  • Pillows (pillows quality is very low in Malaysia, each pillow is approximately 30 ringgit)
  • Travel light blanket

Writing tools, e-learning and book:

  • Laptop (if applicable)
  • Mobile and laptop charger
  • Mobile Phones
  • Arabic training CDs if needed
  • Arabic to English and English to Arabic dictionary
  • Favorite books (if needed)
  • Pen
  • Small notepad
  • Phonebook including phone lists and addresses of first degree relatives in your country
  • Travel hair dryer if needed

Food and feed: It is better to have the following items with yourself for the first days of arrival that you have no access to stores

  1. Number of bread and canned food (fish, beans, etc.) for the first few days and unfamiliarity to restaurants and food flavors
  2. Or any food that is packed

Clothing and Apparel: Due to the large number of clothing stores in Malaysia, as well as warehouse handling and discounts in different seasons and different celebrations, you can purchase clothes at an affordable price; of course, going to the shopping malls and centers that have warehouse handling and discounts may be a little difficult for the first days and months; therefore, it is better to have few sets of clothes with yourself in the first travel. Given that the Malaysian weather is usually cool or warm, it is better to keep cool cotton clothing.

Money: It is better to prepare each amount of money that you need in dollars or euros for early weeks or months and have 300 to 500 ringgit with yourself for the first hours of arrival at the airport or hotel.

The necessary points while preparing equipment needed for the first travel to Malaysia:

1- Baggage allowance for any traveler is approximately 30 kg, and you can carry a handbag up to 7 kg with yourself inside the plane; if your baggage is more than the allowed baggage, you will have to pay the overload; so, it is better to prepare the unnecessary appliances in Malaysia due to high rates of the overload. Of course, it is better to ask about the weight of baggage allowance from the airline that you prepared tickets.

2- Things such as lighters, nail clippers, knives, water and watery foods are prohibited.

3- Do not put your documents and monies in the main luggage which located in load part and accompany yourself inside the plane.

4- Malaysia is almost hot and humid in all seasons of the year; it is better bring yourself cotton clothes and carry an autumn dress for cases or travel to cooler places.

5- Price of men’s shoes is expensive in Malaysia; purchase shoes from your country of residence and bring yourself if you use 100% of it.

Our consulting group wish all of you a happy journey.

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