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Malaysia has a population of over 28 million people which is located off in south-east Asia.  The capital is generally “Kuala Lumpur” though there is a newly-built city 25 kilometeres away named “Putrajaya” which is called the official capital of Malaysia since most of governmental organizations such as ministries and banks and so on are located in Putrajaya. this country gained independence from Britain in 1957.


The official language is Malay and English is considered the second Language. So the language used in all universities is English and it’s not surprising that most of people are well English speakers!


After one year living in this country, you will come to the point that how much tedious and equatorial the weather could be. It might always seem rainy and temperature is between 20-30 c. The rain which is sometimes called “Monsoon” becomes heavier between Jul – Feb across this green country, western parts in particular. So tourists should be prepared for such weather.

Another frequently asked question that most of tourists have is about the best time to travel to Malaysia. As a response we suggest you” Ramadan” and Chinese new year since a big promotion of retail business offer their best and ever- cheapest price plus many international festivals to celebrate.


As you could see below, this country is formed by completely 2 separated parts. These two parts are basically united but called western Malaysia and eastern Malaysia. Since almost all of universities are located in western part, it is the student’s destination as well. it also has 14 provinces as follow:

  1. Terengganu
  2.  Selangor
  3. Pulau
  4. Pinang
  5. Perlis
  6. Perak
  7. Pahang
  8. Negeri Sembilan
  9. Melaka
  10. Kelantan
  11. Kedah
  12. Johor Bahru
  13. Sarawak
  14. Sabah

the following map shows east and west of this country with the state’s name in each state , as you can see only 2 states are in east and the others are in west

malaysia States Map
malaysia States Map
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