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Health insurance in Malaysia | insurance companies

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Health insurance in Malaysia

Why having health insurance in Malaysia is a precondition events needs no explanation. Insurance is not the need of society and life in today and yesterday, insurance has been and will always be required. For those who live in Malaysia or travel to Malaysia insurance is one of the intellectual preoccupations. We hope the short information of this article can help you in choosing the right insurance.

Who can be insured?

In Malaysia, the foreigners as a student, the holder of a work visa and second home residence visa to live can be insured. But tourist cannot have health insurance in Malaysia. Tourists can buy policy appropriate to their travel time in their country before travelling to this country. For a period of one to three months travel insurance for tourists is from about 50 to 150 Euros. Travel agencies and insurance companies in your country of residence can make more detailed information available to tourists.

Health insurance in Malaysia
Health insurance in Malaysia

What health insurance in Malaysia should we buy?

All those who enter Malaysia as a student, they are insured by the University, this means that each university has contract with an insurance company and since purchases insurance in bulk for all the students  by far the cost of this type of insurance is less in Malaysia. It should be noted, the time to pay tuition fees, the equivalent of 250 to 350 ringgit has to be paid to university and use for one year of health insurance. Furthermore, using the services of the university clinics for students is usually free or much cheaper than other medical centres.

Note: Entourage of students cannot use the insurance offered by universities and to buy health insurance they have refer to one of the companies providing health insurance. It is recommended to purchase insurance companies refer to the companies having more comprehensive and more complete insurance such as Prudential and AIA or ING.

Age of to be insured: Most insurance companies have set certain age for insurance. Usually insurance companies insure until the age of 65 years. But more important than age, is ensuring the continuity of insurance. In hypothetical scenario it is possible if the patient   puts a high price on the insurance company, insurance company would not insure him in the following year because insurance contracts are usually one-year ones. Some insurance companies guarantee insurance policy extension that causes peace of mind of the insured for example, AIA guarantees extension to 100 years. Or Prudential has special services for people older than 70 years. Insurance companies usually have certain services for families that buying insurance for all family members gets easier and cheaper. The cost of insurance depending on the type of services that they offer is almost 450 ringgit to 2000 ringgit a year for each people.

Covering specific diseases:

Notice that no insurance accepts the diseases you have had before getting insured. For some diseases insurance companies do not provide cover for certain period, for example, they say the kidney-related diseases up to 60 days after purchase the insurance are not covered. Some insurance companies also have limited cover for certain diseases. For example, they say up to 20,000 ringgit at maximum is paid for heart surgery. Normally, more expensive insurance means better and more comprehensive services. Some insurance companies have free checkups at first that a person’s health status at the beginning of the day is carefully examined. On the other hand, almost no company covers costs resulting from the consumption of drugs and alcohol. Many insurance policies do not cover costs such as organ transplants.

How to buy Health insurance in Malaysia?

You can refer to the following website or email or call them. They send their agents to where you live or work to give you full information. Note that insurance companies are private and earning profit is their first goal; on the other hand your need also is effective to determine the type of insurance, so exactly read the insurance conditions and then purchase it. Note that roof cover, type of covered illnesses, hospitals under contract, undertaking the cost of outpatient, warranty of insurance extension and etc. should be considered in your choice. On the other hand, some health insurance companies add incentive services to health insurance that can be useful, for example, the money for the death and maiming, disability and so on. And other point is that some insurance companies do not insure foreigners.

Sites of a number of insurance companies for more information to buy health insurance in malaysia:


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