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Work visa in Malaysia | procedures Types and cost of work permits

Work visa in Malaysia

work visa in malaysia
work visa in malaysia

The work visa in Malaysia is given to those having received Work Invitation from the companies or factories in Malaysia. The work visa period in Malaysia is usually for 2 years and it may be extended in the case of the employer’s need to your expertise and the workplace agreement.

work visa also called work permit or employment pass.

To receive a work visa in malaysia , you should first send your resume to companies and departments that are related to your specialty, if new foreign force is required, an invitation will be sent to you, then you should travel to Malaysia and have a work contract and then the workplace company applies for a 2-year work visa for you.

Two years later, if they need you, you can apply for visa extension through the same company. According to the several years experience of life in Malaysia by our department’s advisers in Malaysia, it is better not to seek for a job in Malaysia, because 90% of Malaysian companies and factories prefer to employ Malaysian persons and professionals to avoid troubles of receiving visa for foreigners;however those who specialize in programming have a better opportunity to find a job in Malaysia.

If you’re looking for work in Malaysia, the best site for job search site in Malaysia is JobStreet.  Click here to enter the site of JobStreet.

If you have a particular expertise and can have income of this expertise in Malaysia and you have a capital of at least 500,000 Malaysian ringgit, you can register a company in Malaysia and start to work and get a work visa. In order to register a company in Malaysia you should refer to SSM Office in Malaysia and receive required information from SSM Office in Malaysia. To enter to SSM Office website, click this link.

Note: All those who are studying in Malaysia cannot work while studying in Malaysia. According to the Malaysian government rules, with student visa in Malaysia you can only study and with work visa in Malaysia you can only work. for more information about working in malaysia as student refer to this page .

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