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The cost of telephone conversations in Malaysia

Cost of telephone conversations in Malaysia

The main requirement of students after entering to Malaysia on the first day for communicating with families is to buy mobile SIM card. The most popular companies which provide SIM card in Malaysia and the cost of telephone conversations in Malaysia are mentioned at the end of the post.

Companies providing mobile SIM cards in Malaysia:

  1. MAXIS
  2. DIGI

Listed companies will vary depending on the type of services which the company MAXIS is known as the best company providing SIM card in Malaysia among them because of coverage in all parts of Malaysia and other services. All of students are recommended to provide their SIM cards from the company MAXIS.

cost of telephone conversations in Malaysia
Cost of telephone conversation in malaysia

How to buy a SIM card Maxis in Malaysia: The company MAXIS usually has a representative office at the airport of Malaysia and in all shopping centers in Malaysia. After arriving in Malaysia, you can get a SIM card by visiting the representative office of this company at the airport or its representative office in the city center stores via providing the original passport and paying the amount of 10 ringgit cash.

All SIM cards provided by the mentioned above companies are on credit and you can request a charge from the seller after purchasing it which the MAXIS charge cards are available in all its shopping centers as 5 ringgit, 10 ringgit, 20 ringgit, 50 ringgit and 100 ringgit (mobile charge in Malaysia is known with the name of TOP UP.

After the purchase, do not forget ask the seller to activate your SIM card that the SIM card is activated after entering the activation code, you can call half an hour later.

The cost of local calls in Malaysia: If you call to mobile numbers or landline numbers in Malaysia via the SIM card MAXIS, the cost per minute is 0.33 ringgit (every 3 minutes 1 ringgit). The cost of sending each SMS to mobile phones within the Malaysia is 0.3 ringgit.


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