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How to write a Proposal | important tips for writing a proposal


A proposal is a plan or a proposed issue that a few pages are written about it and the background of it and what will be done on it.

Who should submit a proposal when registering at the University of Malaysia?

All students applying for a PhD at the University of Malaysia should have a proposal because all disciplines at level of PhD are by research.

All students applying for research Master level :as you know the structure of disciplines at graduate level in the universities of Malaysia is offered in three ways:

  1. By Course work Or Taught Course: For the disciplines with this structure at Master level in the universities of Malaysia you do not need to submit a proposal.
  2. By Research: For the disciplines with this structure at graduate level in the universities of Malaysia you need to submit a proposal when registering and submitting documents.
  3. By course and Research OR Mixed Mode: The disciplines with this structure at graduate level in the universities of Malaysia do not need to submit a proposal.

Parts of a standard proposal:

Project Title: The Title is the main part of the proposall. It should not be vague and should involve almost 12 to 20 words.

Table Of Contents: Table Of Contents helps the reader to easily find parts of the proposall, so certainly use Table Of Contents . And all headings and tables and figures should be mentioned in the Table Of Contents.

 Abstract: This part helps the reader to understand the entire proposal; the first part is usually referred by the reader is the Abstract of the proposal. This part involves one to two paragraphs and is a summary of the entire proposal.

 Introduction: In the Introduction part of a proposall the subject of the proposal as well as the reason to select this subject and the importance of the subject is written, this part includes introduction and benefits of the proposal.

Aim and Objectives: In Aim and Objectives part only general and main purpose of the research proposall is written. If there are several objectives for the proposall, the objectives are written using number.

Literature Review: In this part we write about the background of the proposall, works and studies that have been already done on the proposall subject. In this part you can use articles and books that have been written about the subject.

 Research Methodology: When you choose a subject for your proposall and you are to do a work on it, you have certainly determined ways to achieve the result. In this part you should write all the ways you have used to achieve the result.

 Conclusion: In this part containing one or two paragraphs we write general conclusion of the proposall.

References: In this part we mention the list of all the references that have been used to write the proposal, for example, articles, books and Internet sites; and if you have used a book, you should mention the name of book, writer as well as the year of publication.

Tips for writing a proposal:

  1.  should be in English and if you are not familiar with the English language, first, write it in your own language and then give it to a translator to translate it.
  2. Font should be Times and New Romans.
  3. Font size should be 12.
  4. For greater certainty about the approval, communicate with the intended university professors and ask for necessary guidelines.
  5. should be in 2 up to 8 pages.
  6. Time of sending ; in order to send a proposall to us, it should be on two formats of Word and PDF.


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