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Foundation in Malaysia

Foundation in Malaysia

Foundation in Malaysia is a one-year duration after high school and before university. This course is only offered at private universities in Malaysia. It means that foundation program is for whom want continue their study for bachelor degree in one of Malaysian universities.

Cost of foundation program in Malaysia:

Depending on kind of university, the tuition fees for foundation is between 4500 to 5500 USD dollar for a year. This cost is for studying for a one-year foundation, cost of Malaysia student visa, insurance and registration.

English language requirement for enrollment in foundation in Malaysia universities:

The students should have a minimum score of 5.0 in IELTS (International English Language Testing System) to enroll in Malaysia universities, if you don’t have any English certificate, we can get your visa without having a degree and after entrance to Malaysia, you can participate in university English language exam. If you pass the exam successfully, you can study in foundation. If you fail English exam, you have to participate in university English classes for between 2 to 4 months and after passing the English class, you can participate in foundation classes.

Who should study pre university program in Malaysia universities?

If you want to enroll in bachelor degree in one of Malaysia universities, it is suggested that you pass pre university course in the same university. But if you don’t know in which university you want to study for bachelor degree, the following universities are suggested:

  • Multimedia University of Malaysia
  • UNITEN University of Malaysia
  • UCSI University of Malaysia
  • APU University of Malaysia

Many students who want to study for bachelor degree in Malaysia always ask us the following questions about foundation course in Malaysia:

Do we need to take a foundation course to get a bachelor’s degree at the University of Malaysia?

Answer: when the students want to register in bachelor degree in one of Malaysian universities, they have to send us the required documents for registration in bachelor degree in Malaysian universities, we will take the documents to the university. university officials will evaluate the documents, if you passed the required lessons or subjects for bachelor degree in high school duration, university informs you that you can study for a bachelor degree without the need for participating in a foundation course.

But if you have not pass all required subjects for bachelor degree in your high school duration, you have to study a one-year duration of foundation in the same university.

For example: for registration in bachelor degree of engineering programs in Malaysian universities, the students should have a score of at least 60% in mathematics. If a student does not have this score in mathematics or he/ she hasn’t passed mathematics, she/ he has to study foundation for a year.

Note: almost the majority of students can enroll in bachelor degree in Malaysia universities without the need for participating in a foundation course.

Required documents for registration:

  • Secondary school certificate
  • The first page of passport
  • A piece of Photo

The time for obtaining admission for pre university degree in Malaysia universities: about a week

The subjects you have to study in foundation in Malaysia:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Bioscience

The benefits of participating in foundation course in Malaysia:

Given that this is a pre-bachelor’s degree in Malaysian universities, the student can be familiar with the university, the professors as well as the living environment during this course, and if he / she has problems in mathematics and physics courses, these lessons will be strengthen.

Question: If I want to take a foundation course at one of Malaysia’s private universities and want to pursue a bachelor’s degree at another Malaysian university, is my pre-university degree acceptable?

Yes, you can enroll in bachelor degree in all Malaysian universities after you pass the foundation course. But we suggest that you pass foundation in the same private university you want study in bachelor degree.

If you want to enroll in a public university for bachelor degree and need for studying in foundation, take a foundation in a private universities of Malaysia then enroll in a bachelor degree in one of public universities of Malaysia.

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