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working in malaysia

All students applying to study in Malaysia carry out a lot of research on working in Malaysia before the admission procedure at the Malaysia’s universities.

Questions that have been during several years of our consultations with students in the field of work are as follows:

  • Can students work in Malaysia?
  • How to find a student job in Malaysia?
  • Can I meet the costs of living and studying in Malaysia with having student job in Malaysia?
  • Can I find a job in Malaysia after graduating from the universities in Malaysia?
  • How much is the minimum of monthly salary for student job in Malaysia?
  • I would like to study in Malaysia; does my wife can find a job in Malaysia as my peer?
  • Can I find a job in Malaysia after studying and stay in Malaysia?
  • Students can work 20 hours a week in European countries; is it the same in Malaysia as well?
working in malaysia
working in malaysia

And so many other questions that students have received the wrong answers in most cases and come here with hoping to work in Malaysia, but they have not been able to find work in Malaysia after coming to Malaysia.

In this article, we want to answer all the questions of students about working in Malaysia that students can travel to Malaysia with more careful planning.

Work for students while studying in Malaysia: 

Unfortunately according to the laws of Malaysia, working in Malaysia is prohibited for students at the time of education; i.e. all those who have a student visa in Malaysia cannot work as part-time and full-time.

Students’ companions cannot also work with companion’s Visa in Malaysia. For example, if you come to study in Malaysia and your partner comes with you to Malaysia just as a companion and does not want to study in Malaysia’s universities, she cannot work in Malaysia with the companion’s visa. But if she can find work, she can turn the companion’s visa to work visa and engage in working.

Note: Unfortunately, job is hardly found in Malaysia and it is better that the companions do not come to Malaysia with hoping to find work in Malaysia.

Working in Malaysia after graduation:

If you have work experience or specific expertise, you can try to find work in Malaysia after graduating from the universities of Malaysia. If you can find a job in Malaysia, a work visa will give to you.

Permanent residence in Malaysia after graduation:

Many students have questions in this context that can we take residence after graduation in Malaysia or not? As long as you’re studying in Malaysia, you can obtain a student visa that this type of residence is called student residence and if you can find work after graduating, a work visa will give to you. And as long as you keep working, this work visa is extended every year. But the permanent resident does not give to you, this is law in Malaysia and does not give to anyone the permanent residence.

If you would like to look for a job in Malaysia after graduating from the universities of Malaysia, you can visit the site JOBSTREET which is one of the most famous employment sites in Malaysia.

Working in Malaysia via company registration:

Students who have a good financial situation and particular expertise can usually register a company and work after graduating.

The cost of registering a company in Malaysia and leasing a conventional office and purchasing the accessories of it is almost 30000 ringgit.

for more information about work visa in malaysia refer to this link.

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