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About Us

To acquaint the student with us, on this page we have described an introduction of MN group and a summary of activities of the group.

History of our group:

MN group is as the biggest and most specialized group in Malaysia with a company registered in Malaysia with Brand of MN Education Counselling Group and registration number 1162829-D started its activities in the field of sending students from 2007 officially in Malaysia.

Employees and members of MN Group

MN Group consists of managers, employees and specialists consultants from Malaysia and several other countries, all MN Group members are from Malaysia’s university graduates and have full control of all matters relating to foreign students, now members of MN group is 15 people who are working full-time in the collection.

The number of sent students:

During several years of experience of MN Group approximately 4500 to 4700 students from several countries have come through our group to Malaysia and have been studying in Malaysian universities and colleges.

The official representative of the Universities and English Institutes of Malaysia:

Due to MN Group’s extensive activities and good cooperation of this group with universities in Malaysia, to date, nearly 25 universities and 5 English Language Institutes have chosen us as the official representative for advice to domestic and foreign students, all our group services in universities and colleges that we represent them is  completely free.

Consulting languages:

Now the MN group gives advice to students in six languages of English – Arabic – Malay – Persian – Hindi and Tamil.

Our consultants are ready to answer you; for call and free consultation with our consultants click here.

Our Websites:

we have four websites in 3 different languages with updated information, our IT departments are responsible for our 3 websites, they are always working on these website to give you usefull and updated information about life and study in Malaysia.


Our Company Certificate from Companies Commission of Malaysia :

MN Group Certificate

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