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Cooperate with us

MN group, as the oldest, largest and most experienced group in the field of consulting and sending students to Malaysia, invites to cooperate from all companies, students, travel agencies and tourism around the world.

Advantages of employment and cooperation in our group:

  1. The possibility of cooperation in each country that you are life
  2. The possibility of cooperation for all persons and companies
  3. The possibility of cooperation for those who do not have any work experience in this field
  4. The possibility of cooperation without spending time
  5. The possibility of cooperation for all ages

If you want to cooperate with our groups, fill out the agent application form and send it to us, after checking your condition by the Marketing department and company directors if you are eligible to be MN group’s Agent, information about the terms of cooperation and other items will be sent to your email; you can start working with us without any fees.

Click Here to download the Agent application form

send the complete for at

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