Living cost in Malaysia | Life Cost in Malaysia

The living cost in Malaysia is one of the most important things that students check before entering Malaysia, the cost of living in Malaysia and in other countries depends on the situation and location.

Health insurance in Malaysia | insurance companies

Why having health insurance in Malaysia is a precondition events needs no explanation. Insurance is not the need of society and life in today and yesterday, insurance has been and will always be required. For those who live in Malaysia or travel to Malaysia insurance is one of the intellectual preoccupations. We hope the short information of this article can help you in choosing the right insurance.

The cost of telephone conversations in Malaysia

The main requirement of students after entering to Malaysia on the first day for communicating with families is to buy mobile SIM card. The most popular companies which provide SIM card in Malaysia and the cost of telephone conversations in Malaysia are mentioned at the end of the post.

Internet in Malaysia | Best Internet Providers in Malaysia

Due to the heavy use of the Internet in Malaysia, fortunately the number of Internet service provider companies in Malaysia is much and the cost of Internet in Malaysia is different in various companies. If you want to study in Malaysia, you try to buy Internet to facilitate access to pamphlets, internet books and doing research and academic works as much as possible after renting the house and settling

How to get a driving license in Malaysia

Steps to getting a driving license in Malaysia (the Malay Certificate) for those who have a driving license in their country:
First step: At first, you should translate a driving license that have already taken in your country into English before traveling to Malaysia.

Working in Malaysia | Job In Malaysia

working in malaysia All students applying to study in Malaysia carry out a lot of research on working in Malaysia before the admission procedure at the Malaysia’s universities. Questions that have been during several years of our consultations with students… Read more