Renting a house in Malaysia | Rent an Apartment in Malaysia

about renting a house in Malaysia, Usually many students who come to study in Malaysia, instead of dormitory, they prefer to rent an apartment near the university.

Rent a room in Malaysia | Procedures and Cost

One of the options of accommodation in Malaysia is rent a room in Malaysia, usually students who want to pay less money for accommodation in Malaysia, prefer to rent a room instead of renting an apartment.

Residences in Malaysia | student dormitory in Malaysia

Student dormitory in Malaysia is one of the questions that arises for most students, almost all public and private universities and most English language colleges in Malaysia have a student dormitory for single and married students.

Hotels in Malaysia | Type and Cost of Hotels

Due to being a tourist country, Malaysia accepts a lot of travellers each year from around the world, for this reason in any area where you go 100% you will see boards of several hotels in malaysia.