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If you are looking for valuable information about studying in Malaysia, please wait! We are a group of students and graduates from Malaysian universities who came to this country years ago to study in Malaysia. We faced numerous challenges, expenses and difficulties during our immigration to Malaysia. In 2007, with a team of 3, we decided to share our experiences with students who want to study in Malaysia.

 Today in 2024, we stand as the largest and oldest student services company in Malaysia with 17 years of experience and an officially registered company in Malaysia with multiple branches in other countries. Our team consists of 14 full-time employees who are all postgraduates and PhD graduates from the best universities in Malaysia.

We’ve walked the same path as you. We have personally experienced the challenges and stresses of pre-migration, and we understand you all very well. We will be with you every step of the way, from the moment you contact us until you arrive in Malaysia. To date, more than 7500 students have used our services and guidance, successfully reached Malaysia, and pursued their studies. Many of these students have graduated and are employed now.

Why Us?

One of the most important parts of immigration and study in Malaysia is choosing the right path. Making the wrong decision can lead to numerous challenges, problems and unexpected expenses during your studies and life in Malaysia. 

The best immigration and education lawyer in Malaysia is the one who is a resident of Malaysia and has lived in this country for many years and has studied at Malaysian universities and has a thorough understanding of the laws and intricacies of Malaysian universities and the Immigration Office Malaysia. Someone who is not a resident of Malaysia or has recently migrated to Malaysia cannot be a good advisor for you. Similarly, someone with a Bachelor’s degree at their highest qualification cannot effectively advise you on postgraduate programs and PhD in Malaysia or proposal writing procedures in Malaysia. We have experienced all these things and understand you very well.

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Why free?

We have an officially registered company in Malaysia, and also, we are the official representative of Malaysian universities and English centers Malaysia. All our services are completely free, from the day you contact us for advice, to the day you get admission and visa and start your study in Malaysia.

Our Services

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Guaranteed admission to all Malaysian universities and English centers

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Guaranteed Malaysian student visa from 0 to 100

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Accommodation reservation (Room Or Apartment)

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Airport welcome in Malaysia and transfer to your accommodation

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